Secure Document Sharing

Secure document showing is a vital part of any organization’s business-critical workflows. It allows your team gain access to documents firmly without the risk of phishing attacks or data robbery. Keeping the files secure is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your brand and reputation.

Acquiring your data files means preventing unauthorized for downloading of sensitive data, like customer lists and intellectual asset. Using a secure file share answer with granular permissions, such as login requirements and file permission control buttons, can safeguard your company’s most important properties from data leakage and unauthorized gain access to.

A document management program (DMS) helps you to automate program processes which will make your workday easier. Your DMS should also add a secure customer portal to streamline your document exchange process with clients.

Get rid of phishing risks when swapping files through email or perhaps chat messaging by deploying a protect portal to deliver files to your clients and partners. The clientele will prefer the convenience of a password-protected, private customer portal along with your business might benefit from decreased phishing tries.

Creating a secure file site is easier than you believe. A safeguarded portal is actually a web-based support that allows you to send your documents to your clients and partners without having to email them. You can also integrate the client web destination with eSign technology, including DocuSign, to simplify the sending agreed upon documents and eliminate the have to print, indication, copy, and send or post the document.

Your files will be secured in transit with rest through end-to-end security. This scrambles your documents in the cloud and your units so they cannot be go through by someone else.

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